Come years end, it will be no surprise to see 'Unsilent Death' from Nails topping most best of the year lists. With a quickness, the Southern California trio have become known for their brutal force and riffs soaked in Entombed worship. Frontman/guitarist Todd Jones told Noisecreep their first outing was all about gaining a footing. "We realized what we did that we liked and what we didn't like. For 'Unsilent Death,' we tried to maximize the aspect we liked."

Nails have recently signed to Southern Lord Records. With plans of a new full-length already in the works for early 2011, the label is going to reissue 'Unslient Death.' Originally released on Six Feet Under on CD and on the band's own Streetcleaner label, the vinyl sold over 1,000 copies before the band even took to the road for a real amount of time.

Far from an outsider in the hardcore scene, Jones (Terror, Carry On) opted to have Converge's Kurt Ballou behind the board -- but he assured his role was more of engineer than a producer. "I asked him to give his input when he felt the need, but he didn't give too much advice. I assume partly because we only spent six days with him and we didn't have much time to experiment."

The reissue is expected in October.