mudvayneYou've been waiting for it all week, and now, we present for you another sampling from Mudvayne's forthcoming self-titled LP, which drops Dec. 22 and not a minute later. Unlike 'Beautiful and Strange,' which is speedy, riff-replete, and a breakdown bonanza, 'Scream With Me' starts off on the slower side, but then rewards the patient with fistfuls of ferocity. It's teeming with electric guitar grandeur, devastating drum thumping, and even features the occasional slice of acoustics, all underneath frontman Chad Gray's haunting-as-it-is-punishing vocals.

The singer sounds especially tormented as he belts out the song's chorus: "Stand in the corner and scream with me." It is a surefire sign that with album number five, Mudvayne's turned the heavy meter up to the red.

Recently, we spoke to Gray about 'Mudvayne,' which he said has a bit of a "retrofitted" feeling.

"Everyone says they're, like, writing their first record again or their second record again, but some of the parts feel like that to me, they feel like older Mudvayne," Gray told Noisecreep. "The way this record fits to me, it's kind of got that retrofitted Mudvayne attitude."

Listen to 'Scream With Me'

He told us that, basically, this next record's something of a counterpart to 2002's 'The End of All Things to Come,' which some Mudvayne fans have taken to calling the 'Black Album.' This forthcoming disc is Mudvayne's 'White Album,' Gray says.

"Since we had done our 'Black Record,' I was thinking about a 'White Record,' and I was just thinking of doing a light cover," he says. "But then, I was wondering if they had black light reflective ink. Epic told me they did, so we have imagery and all that, but it is, in its true form, a white album. You put the black light on it, and everything comes out of it."

"It's not really a gimmick," Gray defends. "It's not like a way to get people to buy the record. If people buy the record and they're a Mudvayne fan, this is just an added incentive to buy the record. Overall, this album is catering to the true Mudvayne fan."

Back in August, Gray broke the news to Noisecreep that a fifth Mudvayne LP was in the bag and ready for mass consumption. At the time, he told us the new music was "kind of brooding, kind of prodding musical parts that end up going into the song ... It's a strange record, man. It took me a while to wrap my head around it."