Killer Lyrics:
Real life face to face / I'm a jack of dirty queens / Dead lock in life / Hopeless and never to be seen

American Me know from experience the toll musicians can pay for their art, as seen in the lyrics for 'The Fire,' on their Rise Records release, 'Siberian Nightmare Machine.' "The Fire is based on cherishing someone you lost or gonna lose in your life," frontman Tony Mosh told Noisecreep. "I know this firsthand, because I just recently lost a girlfriend of two years because of constant touring."

'The Fire' in the song refers to the inner drive that friends and family can ignite, in order to bear life's struggles. Tony said, "I wrote the song because she was my fire that inspired me to keep doing my passion for music and the catch 22 there is to it is when you leave for long periods of time and how it causes stress to the other person."

'Siberian Nightmare Machine' hits stores Nov. 10.

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