Moth Eater

Ex-members of Scar Culture -- remember them, as they were briefly signed to Century Media in the early '00s? -- and Dirty Rig have formed Moth Eater, a New York-based, sludge-caked doom band. "We think our music is like Motörhead driving to a Black Sabbath concert with Scissorfight sitting in the back seat, High on Fire riding shotgun and the Doomriders driving the car behind us with a full keg of beer. It's all about partying before the show even begins," bassist Steve 'Buckshot' Seabury -- who has long worked behind the scenes in the music business at various metal record labels and marketing companies -- told Noisecreep. We have to say, that's a vehicle those of us at the 'Creep compound want to hitch a ride on, for sure.

You can check out the band's dirt-caked new track, 'Aftermath' on Moth Eater's MySpace page. It features world-renowned hurdy gurdy player Geoff Kooris, and it will be featured on the 'Shredmaster' video game, due out later this year. The band is in the studio, and Buckshot has secured himself a book deal with Simon & Schuster. His tasty book will be out Oct. 5.

As for Moth Eater, their debut EP, 'Thunder Gods of Monster Island,' will be released by start up label Giddy Up! Records this summer. If you're not based on the East Coast and can't get to any of the shows listed below, then point your browser to the band's YouTube channel, where they've documented their intoxicated rehearsals and backstage tomfoolery.

Moth Eater tour dates

March 12 -- The Trash Bar -- Brooklyn, N.Y.

April 16 -- Mr. Beery's -- Long Island, N.Y.

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