Eddie 'The Rocker' Norton, a former roadie for Black Sabbath, has died. Norton, 62, was killed in a motorcycle accident on May 17 in Thailand.

Norton, who served as a drum tech for ex-skinsman Cozy Powell in the late '80s and early '90s, was on holiday with friends. He was killed when his bike smashed into a signpost at the Pattaya resort. He was said to be enjoying a vacation since April 25, after finally overcoming a past drinking problem.

His friend Dave Postle, a former Birmingham club owner, told the Birmingham Mail, "I was proud of him. I paid for him to go to Thailand as a treat as he'd recovered from an alcohol problem."

Norton, who had been riding bikes since he was 15, was killed in a solo accident, as no other vehicles were involved in the crash. Postle said, "He might have had a stroke or a heart attack and fallen off." The former tech was reportedly still friends with guitarist Tony Iommi.

A memorial is set for Our Lady of Fatima Church in Quinton on Saturday (June 29). The event was co-organized by Norton's ex-wife Christine. Postle stated, "Everyone loved him. He's well known around Birmingham."

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