Black Sabbath recently engaged in a two-fer by filming their video for 'End of the Beginning' on the set of the season finale of 'CSI' on which they appeared! Talk about your multi-tasking!

The clip starts in black and white, featuring Sabbath in a bit of an underplay situation, performing to an assembled audience in a small room with attendees pumping their fists in the air. There are some hotties in the front row and familiar images of a sweaty Ozzy backed by a cross-wearing Tony Iommi.

It's a stark clip but it doesn't really capture the feel of a Sabbath live gig since the audience is likely comprised of extras for the television series and not actual headbangers. Notice a few sparsely-waved metal horns in the gathering of people. But in all likelihood, these people were likely doing what they were told and that was to act like they are at a rock show. The video switches to color at about 2:50 in as the tempo of the song ramps up, as well. Plus, there's a sea of "wave your hands in the air like you just don't care" crowd participation at the end.

In other Sabbath news, the band also hosted an hour-plus Town Hall in support of the June 11 release of '13.' All three original members participated, as did drummer Brad Wilk of Rage Against the Machine, who played drums on '13.' Ozzy's son Jack also took part in the event and comedian Jim Norton hosted the proceedings. The Town Hall can be seen in full here.

Watch the Black Sabbath 'End of the Beginning' Video

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