New details emerged over the weekend in the missing persons case of Metallica fan Morgan Harrington, who was last seen a month ago at the band's Oct. 17 concert. According to police, the 20-year-old Virginia Tech student was spotted by eyewitnesses hitchhiking moments before she vanished, and now, others are coming forward claiming Harrington created something of a commotion outside the venue the night she disappeared.

Harrington, who attended the concert with friends before getting separated from them -- and then somehow ended up outside the venue which has a no re-entry policy -- was last seen in a black Pantera shirt, black boots and a black mini-skirt. According to conflicting eyewitness accounts, Harrington was seen hitchhiking outside the venue before she went missing, while other say she emerged from the venue distraught, with blood on her chin.

One person says he thinks he met Harrington that night. She seemed "upset," and had blood on her chin. She declined the man's offer for help. Another concert-goer claims he was outside the building, waiting for late-arriving friends to meet him around 9 PM when he heard a "commotion" outside one of the venue's entrances.

"It was some shouting," the man, who asked not to be identified, says. Moments later, the young woman, who matched Harrington's description, approached him, and put her arm out, bent, as though to invite him to link his arm with her. She said to him, "'Let's go.' It seemed somewhat aggressive." The eyewitness says Harrington's behavior seemed "unusual" and when he told her he had to stay and wait for his friends, he claims the woman cursed at him and kicked him.

"It wasn't that hard," he says of the kick, but it was disturbing enough that he immediately called his girlfriend to relate the encounter. "She told me I should call the police and report her. Now I wish I had." He reported the matter to police as soon as he learned of the disappearance.

Another witness claims seeing a woman resembling Harrington walking across the street with several companions, and that she was "wobbly." She was allegedly walking with four white men away from the venue. The men, according to the witness, were allegedly laughing. "I thought, 'That girl should have no business going off with those guys, walking into an empty parking lot when the concert is getting ready to start,'" the witness said. The girl did not seem distressed and was even joking with the men, the witness added.

She was later spotted by eyewitnesses in an overflow parking lot, with the men, the same place Harrington's purse and cell phone were found. Sources claims members of University of Virginia's men's basketball team were among the last to see Harrington in the parking area before she was seen thumbing for a ride on the bridge.

Other witnesses claim to have seen her at 3:45 AM later that night, walking with three men but not wearing the tights she was last seen in. "I thought, 'What's she doing out here dressed like that,'" the witness told reporters. She called immediately after learning of Harrington's disappearance and has no doubt it was Morgan. That tip, police claim, has been ruled out.

One lead police haven't been able to rule out? One possible sighting puts Harrington at a nearby gas station the next morning.

Reports suggest that Harrington was last seen hitchhiking on a bridge next to the venue. But Morgan's mother, Gil, says that doesn't sound like her daughter. The mother says she's never known daughter to catch rides with stranger, but police say witnesses saw a woman fitting Harrington's description trying to get a ride that same night.