When Metallica rolls into town, expect the unexpected. This is the lesson learned by officials in Bogota, Colombia Wednesday night, when the Californian thrash legends invaded the city's Simon Bolivar Park as part of the band's World Magnetic Tour. According to reports, violence and chaos broke out during the concert -- Metallica's first Columbian gig in more than 11 years.

Bogota's Regulatory Center of Emergency Services claims four policemen and four civilians were hospitalized throughout the evening for cuts, lesions to the head and one fractured leg. One youth was stabbed in the hand with knife. By the end of the night, 130 people were arrested and property was vandalized and destroyed, as fans who did not have tickets tried to storm the venue in order to catch a glimpse of Metallica.

Prior to the concert, some fans organized on Facebook, with calls for fans to incite madness during the show. Colombian media claims the concert drew between 20,000 and 70,000 fans, and officials had more than 1,500 police on hand to keep things calm. It didn't work.

The riot reminded locals of one that rocked Bogota last March, when Iron Maiden's tour stopped in the city. Metallica's last concert there happened back in 1999.

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