Dickinson has served as the vice-patron of Flying Scholarships for Disabled People (FSDP) for the past three years. He met with some of the recent graduates at Castle Donington's Priest House Hotel on Saturday, June 15.

"It's not just about teaching people with disabilities to fly, it's much more than that," he said, according to the Leicester Mercury. "It's about creating friendships, and there's a whole community around it and support system that comes with people encouraging each other."

It's a network of support that just so happens to help people make the best of their abilities without being defined by their disability. Some of the people recently involved in the program include a woman suffering from cerebral palsy and former soldiers who were injured in motorcycle accidents. The organization helps dreams come true and aids people in reaching for the stars, quite literally.

Participants can go on to achieve their private pilot's license and a few are even able to fly solo by the end of their training program. If they satisfy their instructor with their skills during the flying test, they are awarded FSDP "Wings."

Footage of Dickinson speaking at the event is below.

Watch Bruce Dickinson at FSDP Event 1

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