Get ready for a lot of noise to be made over Ukrainian screamo sensations, Make Me Famous. First gaining recognition through YouTube as a vocalist and guitarist, Denis Shaforostov eventually found the right musicians to bring his wide-eyed musical ideas to life.

After securing a deal with Sumerian Records, Shaforostov and co-vocalist Serj Kravchenko co-produced Make Me Famous' acclaimed debut album, It's Now or Never. The quintet will be raising Hell this summer as part of the All Stars Tour along with Suicide Silence, The Word Alive, I See Stars, Winds of Plague, and a host of other hot metallic acts.

Noisecreep recently had the pleasure of talking with Shaforostov and sole American member, drummer Dusty Boles, while they were in Southern California on a tour stop. As you'll read below, these dudes are having the times of their lives!

Guys, talk about the part YouTube played in the evolution of the band.

Denis Shaforostov: We owe a lot of our success to YouTube. I was posting covers all the time, and gained a pretty decent following. YouTube really helps musicians find each other nowadays.

Dusty Boles: And i think we really utilized that. If it was not for YouTube, I never would have met Denis. I mean, I'd seen his covers, we talked, we wanted to play together. And yeah, I mean this really all starting from YouTube!

What made the band decide to cover the Bruno Mars hit, "Just the Way You Are?"

Shaforostov: Because Bruno Mars is an amazing musician and singer, and we all love the song!

Listen to Make Me Famous' Cover of "Just the Way You Are"

Can you describe the hardcore seen back home in the Ukraine?

Shaforostov: There is no scene [laughs]. It's dead as Hell. We love Ukraine, but the scene there does not compare to a lot of other countries.

What are some of your favorite things about America?

Shaforostov: Free refills at food places [laughs]. Supportive fans! People are way nicer!

Describe the first albums you heard that really got you into music.

Shaforostov: The first album that ever got me into music was Marilyn Manson with his The Last Tour on Earth live album.

Boles: Mine was Def Leppard's Hysteria. My dad got me into a lot of '80s rock as a kid, which is still my favorite.

Watch Make Me Famous' "Blind Date 101" Video

Are you pleased with the response to the new record?

Shaforostov: Yeah we couldn't be happier. Things are going good thanks too all of our fans who bought it!.

Boles: We only have a few tours under our belts, so i we didn't know what to expect. I still was super stoked.

Any funny stories from the recording of the record?

Shaforostov: When we were recording Serj's vocals, the window was actually opened, and we picked up the neighbor's dog barking! We ended up placing the barks in the last breakdown as a joke, but removed it.

Make Me Famous' It's Now or Never is out now via Sumerian Records and can be ordered at this link. The band will be performing at the Bamboozle Festival in Asbury Park, N.J. on May 19.