Chicago's Macabre don't scrimp on intensity, history or even humor in their extreme music, which has been dubbed 'murder metal' since the band often chooses to explore the psyches of mass murderers and other nefarious miscreants in their music.

That's why Noisecreep is premiering 'The Big Bad Wolf,' a perverse death metal nursery rhyme of sorts that appears on their new album, 'Grim Scary Tales.' The double-bass drumming is enough to pummel you into submission and leave you in a fetal position.

Listen to 'The Big Bad Wolf'

"Our lawyer wants you to know that 'The Big Bad Wolf' is a parody," vocalist/guitarist Corporate Death told Noisecreep. "The legend can be traced back to Gilles Garnier, a 15th century hermit and child murderer. Garnier was captured, tried and convicted of being a werewolf. Our parody points of the hypocrisy in taking the story of an insane child murderer and turning it into a funny cartoon for profit. We've returned the story to its true origin."

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