Linkin Park's first trailer for their upcoming Facebook game 'LP Recharge' introduced fans to the adventure's overall narrative, and the band has released a new trailer which gives a slight taste of the apocalyptic driven action.

Humanity is near extinction, as Earth has been taken over by a robotic race that is immune to the world's deteriorating environment. It's up to a determined youth who has the strength to shoot power beams from his hands to save the day and usher in a new dawn.

The game play features our hero in third person shooter mode, as we get an overhead viewpoint of all the combat. 'LP Recharge' has also been described as having puzzle elements within its 3D online game framework, but that aspect has yet to be displayed from any of the videos.

The free to play Facebook game also features the new song 'A Light That Never Comes,' a collaboration between Linkin Park and Steve Aoki that plays on the second trailer. Although one of the advantages of playing 'LP Recharge' is the ability to unlock the song during your adventure, the band would be well served if they added a few more tracks to the title. No word if any extra Linkin Park songs are featured in the game. The good news is the actual combat scenes look seamless and addicting. and hopefully the title brings in even more gamers than the group's core fans.

Kuuluu Interactive Entertainment developed the eco-themed adventure, which has players getting the chance in co-op mode to battle their enemies and infuse their world with clean energy. 'LP Recharge' debuts Sept. 12.

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