"You know, my gift is to create songs that will move people," Lillian Axe guitarist Steve Blaze thoughtfully tells Noisecreep.

Lillian Axe just released 'Sad Day on Planet Earth,' a lengthy and brooding look at the world through Blaze's eyes.

"I remember six months ago, when I was right in the middle of writing. I was watching the news, and I just said, 'It is a sad day on planet earth.'" Blaze says he knew at that moment he'd titled the new record.

Lillian Axe formed in the 1980s, often considered the most party-hearty time in all of rock. So why the current state of doom and gloom?

"The older you get, you realize how many bad things occur in our world," Blaze continues. "People are treating each other worse and worse all the time. From small dealings like going to the grocery and watching people interact, all the way to the grand scale -- which is country vs. country. Watching how ... we're not treating each other right. I just get really frustrated."

Blaze isn't just grandstanding here. 'Sad Day on Planet Earth' features songs like 'Jesus Wept,' 'Cold Day in Hell,' 'Kill Me Again,' as well as the album's title track.

"The more that I see and the things I hear on TV and the more I watch ... it seems we're going down the tubes."

Lillian Axe is currently signed to Blistering Records.