"There was some horrific things going on," Lillian Axe guitarist Steve Blaze says of Hurricane Katrina. "People stealing, killing, looting, robbing. A selfish mentality -- one for all! Everyone for themselves."

New Orleans-based Lillian Axe just released 'Sad Day on Planet Earth,' a statement on current affairs in the world. This new record picks up where 2007's 'Waters Rising' left off.

Blaze started working on 'Waters Rising' before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. The album isn't about the literal flooding, but more a metaphor of how people reacted to the tragedy. More than 1,800 lost their lives during and after Katrina's wrath.

"Watching the whole thing with Katrina, it reiterated my ideas and thoughts about people," Blaze continues. "I'm what you call optimistically pessimistic. I see the potential for beauty and goodness and wonderful things in this planet and know how much potential man has a species to do right. We keep screwing it up out of selfishness."

Blaze says he hopes his music will educate listeners to treat each other with mutual respect.

'Sad Day on Planet Earth' is available now via Blistering Records.