"We really do love to play anywhere. Whether it's festival, arena or tiny club," Steve Blaze, guitarist and founder of Lillian Axe tells Noisecreep. The guys in Lillian Axe are currently on the road, supporting their new release 'Sad Day on Planet Earth.'

Of course, the economy has hit every industry hard -- music especially. Since a lot of people view entertainment spending as discretionary, Blaze says this has really hurt the touring industry overall.

"We're one of the few bands that still tour old-school style. We're out for weeks, go city to city. A lot of bands, because of the economy, can't do it and don't. They fly in, do a show ... a few things here and there, and it's difficult. If you notice, not a lot of bands have the ability to be out in touring mode. Especially with the way the music industry is right now. Touring is essential to promote your record. You've got to do that now," affirms Blaze.

So is it all about the money ... or the fans? For Blaze, it's the definite combination of both that makes touring so lucrative.

"Playing live is really great -- all facets are. From meeting people, to sound check, to hanging out at the venue, to meeting other bands you play with, all of that is part of it and so enjoyable."