From her Tweets, we already know that Lady Gaga digs Iron Maiden and went to see the band play live, met drummer Nicko McBrain backstage, and even took a photo to prove it.

However, England's gossip rag The Daily Mirror reports that Gaga even played "roadie" for Maiden at the band's gig in Florida last Sunday. Gaga was in town headlining her own arena show and went to catch the metal icons at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa.

The Mirror alleges that Gaga was so stoked to hang with Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris and company, that she ironed and served drinks on the tour bus, and did so while humming 'Number of the Beast.' The rag also claims that Gaga played drinking games with the band, post-show.

While we don't think Gaga will be replacing Ed Hunter anytime soon, if this story is indeed true, it's kind of cool to see that the world's biggest pop star has a metal heart underneath her meat dress!

Check out Gaga's photo of herself and McBrain here. It comprised Gaga's 666th Tweet. That means it was the 'Number of the Tweet.' Natch! In all seriousness, it is an adorable pic. Gaga also tweeted, "The Number of the Beast. Having beers listening to Maiden with the New York Boys. Happy 666 Twitterland."

Watch Iron Maiden's 'The Final Frontier' video

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