If you want to experience complete and utter death metal chaos, the kind which takes place at a live show, then you can do so, courtesy of the latest video from extreme metal stalwarts Jungle Rot.

The band played a sold-out gig at Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago, which is the home turf of their label, Victory Records. The video captures the high intensity, totally brutal performance of the song 'Utter Chaos.' If you want to live vicariously and witness the fury of death metal from a safe distance, this video sure allows you to do that.

The footage, sewn together from clips that were filmed throughout the gig, is raw and visceral, capturing images of the band murdering their instruments; of the fans banging their heads with the kind of ferocity that gives you a headache just by looking at it; and some backstage shots of the band signing vinyl for and interacting with fans. It's a snapshot of what happens at a death metal show.

See, it's not scary! It's just people letting off steam and have a good time while aggressive music is blasting in the background. Look at it that way. Never has 'Utter Chaos' felt so good.

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