Most metal fans double as horror movie enthusiasts - except for me. I do enjoy the '28 Days Later' movies and I live in Pittsburgh, near where 'Night of the Living Dead' was filmed, but my interest is only passing.

Upon seeing the thumbnail for this album cover for Jungle Rot's 'What Horrors Await' release, my first thought was "This is too small". But my second, more pertinent response was, "Zombie attack!". The bigger version, though, speaks against it: there's no pale features, black sunken eyes, and I'm pretty sure they're not allowed weapons.

So what of it? Designer Gyula Havancsák gave Nosiecreep some insight on the kinda-zombie-looking cover. "What does 'horror' mean to me? Overpopulation, aggression, everybody was the enemy of everybody. I planned that I will create an overcrowded image."

"There wasn't any hero or main character on the image," continues Havancsák. "Everybody was irrelevant. I wanted to show that when the 'horrors await,' everybody was a victim."

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