It's been quite a year for Job for a Cowboy. Their most recent onslaught of metal, 'Ruination,' has continued to be a force to reckon with a year after its release, and they continue to win over new crowds with each tour.

The Glendale, Ariz. outfit is gearing up for a headlining tour -- one that's a hard-hitting bill to end the year. The Job for a Cowboy tour dates will also include Skeletonwitch, Misery Index and Trap Them for what will certainly be a take-no-prisoners affair.

Drummer Jon "The Charn" Rice recently told Noisecreep to expect some surprises in their set. "We've been tossing around quite a few ideas as to what cover we'd like to do -- anything from Bloodbath to the Crown to Napalm Death -- but I don't think I'll divulge which one we're actually going to throw in there. We feel it's a definite salute to some of the bands who have shaped our sound and our musical tastes, and we sort of feel that we can throw a little bit different spin on some of these classic bands' tunes."