Iron MaidenThe artwork for Iron Maiden's brand new album, 'The Final Frontier,' has been unveiled. In true Maiden style, it's a brilliant, fantastical apocalyptic Eddie illustrated by Melvyn Grant, the man behind the covers of 'Fear of the Dark,' 'Virtual XI' and 'Death on the Road.'

A release date for the band's long-awaited followup to 2006's 'A Matter of Life and Death' has been confirmed for Aug. 17 in North America. A free digital download of the new song 'El Dorado' is available worldwide on

In a press release from Iron Maiden's record label, frontman Bruce Dickinson explains: "'El Dorado' is a preview of the forthcoming studio album. As we will be including it in the set of our Final Frontier World Tour (which opens in Dallas on June 9) we thought it would be great to thank all our fans and get them into 'The Final Frontier' mood by giving them this song up front of the tour and album release."

The album was recorded by longtime Maiden producer Kevin 'Caveman' Shirley in early 2010 at Compass Point Studios, Nassau, where the band recorded 1983's 'Piece Of Mind,' 1984's 'Powerslave' and 1986's 'Somewhere In Time.' They finishing up the recording and mixing in Los Angeles.

'The Final Frontier' marks the 15th studio album for a band which has sold about 80 million albums over 30 years.

'The Final Frontier' track list

1. 'Satellite 15 ... The Final Frontier'

2. 'El Dorado'

3. 'Mother of Mercy'

4. 'Coming Home'

5. 'The Alchemist'

6. 'Isle of Avalon'

7. 'Starblind'

8. 'The Talisman'

9. 'The Man Who Would Be King'

10. 'When the Wild Wind Blows'