Rock fans: have you ever wanted to fly to Iceland? Well, how about if Iron Maiden singer and licensed commercial airline pilot Bruce Dickinson was in the cockpit?

The singer is flying for Iceland Express (IEX), a discount airline, which added Iron Maiden's Boeing 757 [nicknamed Ed Force One] to its fleet. The best part about it is Ed Force One is still emblazoned with the artwork and logo from the Final Frontier world tour.

"We're extremely pleased that Iceland Express is associated with such an amazing band which formed over 30 years ago, has held around 2,000 concerts, and sold about 80 million copies of their albums. I am positive that this collaboration will be great fun and who knows, maybe [Dickinson] one day sing to his passengers on-board," IEX managing director Mattías Imsland said in a press release.

According to a press release, Ed Force One will fly some of Iceland Express' new summer routes.

From early June 2011, Iceland Express will fly to New York on a daily basis and will launch new services to Chicago and Boston. The summer route to Winnipeg will continue through 2011. It will also launch a new route from Edinburgh to Reykjavik and USA.

"I love New York City and it is great to fly there -- even better to fly there on the same Boeing 757 that we just flew around the world on our Final Frontier tour," said Bruce Dickinson. "I think it is very cool that the colors of the Iron Maiden livery have stayed on the plane, which of course was named Ed Force One by our Iron Maiden fans."

For reservations go to or call 0118 321 8384.

Watch Iron Maiden's 'The Final Frontier' video

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