It took a little time, but Hollywood Undead finally completed and recently released their second full studio album 'American Tragedy' earlier this month. The album turned out to be an immediate smash, even surprising band members themselves. 'American Tragedy' has already reached the number four position on the Billboard charts.

"We didn't know what to expect at all," Hollywood Undead bassist/vocalist J-Dog admits to Noisecreep. "The second time around making a record, you're kind of going in blind. We took a lot of time off -- more than an average band does -- to make sure the record was perfect so we didn't know what to expect at all, but we are more than happy."

More than happy indeed. The band is currently on the road, partying from city to city to promote 'American Tragedy.' Sure, it's work... but that doesn't deter the band (and their crew!) from having a blast... especially at strip clubs.

"A lot of our crew guys that work for us on the road -- they love strip clubs more than us. They are kind of perverted dudes," laughs J-Dog. "Crew guys don't get as much tail as the band guys do, so their only outlet is strip clubs. They go to those places and get wasted. We like to party in strip clubs but our crew guys are ten times worse, they use our names to get in which is kind of funny. We don't care. It's funny, they say they are in the band and they go party. Someone's gotta be using the name."

But it isn't all fun and games (okay it is, but still). The guys in Hollywood Undead have learned to curb their alcohol consumption over the years to create a more solid stage show for fans.

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"It used to be no rules at all," J-Dog explains of the band's attempt to reign in the drinking on show days. "Then we changed it to no drinking 'till the first band goes on. That didn't work. Then we changed it to no hard alcohol until after the show. Then we changed it to no hard alcohol period. Our band...we just take a little too far with the hard alcohol.

We'd have a huge bottle of vodka or whiskey and tequila after every show, stay up until six in the the next day, you drink two beers and you're still hungover and you'd get instantly trashed. We were doing that everyday. Our shows we're getting sloppy, so we had to clean it up. It's all part of growing up -- part of having a job."

Hollywood Undead is on tour now. The band will also play Rock on the Range next month in Columbus, Ohio.

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