Tera Patrick, Jayden James, other porn stars and their bodacious boobs populate Hollywood Undead's new video for 'Dead Bite.' The clip was directed by Corey Soria and he effectively captures (and perhaps recreates) the creepy nature of an underground, alt culture masquerade ball. Regardless, the band invites you into a star-studded freak show. Good luck trying to escape their clutches. 

There are fire-eaters, voodoo dolls and some exposed nips, making this clip NSFW. While it's not work appropriate, you will find yourself lost in the hedonism. Like a 10-car pile up on a busy Interstate during rush hour, you cannot look away, especially when you're not quite sure what's going on. You will, however, find yourself enjoying this bacchanalia with a twist.

There's a lot going on that we can't really explain, since your read may be different than ours. But it's definitely creepy, strange, weird, uncomfortable, questionable and totally awesome. That's how we like. Hollywood Undead's music, a molten mix of metal and hip-hop, isn't safe. It's only right that the video follows suit.

About the clip, which also features RJ Mitte of 'Breaking Bad,' Hollywood Undead's J. Dog said, "When we decided to do a video for 'Dead Bite,' we wanted to work with our friend Corey S., who we worked with on the 'Been to Hell' video and tons of live shows. He's also directed music videos for Danzig, and who knows how many adult films."

He added, "We found the weirdest place in North Hollywood that looked like a circus and decided to do the video there. We pulled favors and asked friends to be in the video all within a few days before shooting it. We got the adult film stars Lisa Ann, Tera Patrick, Jayden Jaymes, and actors RJ Mitte from 'Breaking Bad' and Derek Mears from 'Friday the 13th.'"

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