Hollywood Undead have now released the official music video for the first single, "We Are," off their upcoming album, Notes From the Underground, out Jan. 8. The video is directed by Slipknot's M. Shawn Crahan (aka clown), and USA today labeled the song as "an anthem for disenfranchised youth." Fans can check the video out below.

Notes From the Underground is available for pre-order. Hollywood Undead will also be embarking on 'The Underground Tour ' playing at small clubs for their die hard fans kicking off in Los Angeles, Calif. on Jan. 8, the same day as the album release.

Watch 'We Are' Video

Dave Grohl
's directorial debut Sound City will be released as an HD digital download and a stream on Feb. 1 at this location. Fans can pre-order now and receive instant rewards, with the stream arriving on the first of February. The film costs a mere $10 and can be sent as a gift. So start shopping for the Grohl fan in your life.

Sound City will also be released theatrically, in association with Variance Films, Feb. 1. The cities and theaters will be announced shortly.

Metallica have shared some new live footage from their Quebec Magnetic DVD, which is out now via their own Blackened Recordings. This time, they shared a clip of of "My Apocalypse," which you can enjoy below.

Shai Hulud have shared the title track from their new album Reach Beyond the Sun, which will be released on Feb. 19 via Metal Blade. Go here to listen to the new track. Mosh it up.

Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn offered an update on how he is doing after hernia surgery forced him to table some fall tour dates and what we can expect from Machine Fucking Head in 2013. [Loudwire]

BoySetsFire have confirmed that they are back together and working on new music with new members, despite splitting back in 2007. Below is the lengthy update about what's new and exciting for this influential and politically-minded post-hardcore band, which makes use of the word "cassingle." Who remembers those?

"BoySetsFire has been a band for nearly two decades. In that time we have played hundreds of shows to anyone that would watch us, from basements to festival audiences. We lived through the terror of rap-rock, the tyranny of nu-metal, and the dark days of pop-punk. We were around before the Internet. Truth. We made demo tapes. We have recorded 4 LPs, EPs, CDs, and even a cassingle. We have played 'Rookie' over 1,000 times. We have fallen off more stages than most people have stood on. We have been signed and dropped and signed and dropped. Frankly, most would have given up years ago.

"We tried. Like the most well-meaning addict we swore it off, made our amends, and tried to rebuild our lives without BoySetsFire. But the lure was too much. We soon found ourselves in the same situations making the same decisions that lead to so much pain.

"Before we knew it we were on a reunion tour. It was amazing. Then we held our breath crossed our fingers and started writing songs. What came out was music that was even more intense, more fragile, and more brutal than anything we had done before. Even thought to my disappointment there was almost no dubstep. In fact, the writing was so rewarding we decided to keep on writing...and writing...and writing.

"So we have a brand new member (Dan Pelic), an old member coming back (Robert Ehrenbrand), a long-time friend officially joining (Chris Rakus) and the three original gray hairs Chad Istvan, Nathan Gray, and Joshua Latshaw playing together.

"We are writing for a new record. We have tours booked. We are looking forward to another two decades...dear god... [Via Lambgoat]

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