Herod drummer Mike "Union" Jeffers has the distinction of having been in Union, who along with Endeavor, were one of the very first bands signed to Ferret Music when the label was fledgling. Union even released a seven inch, the badge of "hardcore-ness!" However, Jeffers' new band, the thrashtastic Herod, who released music through Sounds of Revolution, Too Damn Hype and Lifeforce over the course of their career, went on a bit of a hiatus recently. But the band is back, recording a new EP, which it expects to release in June. It Dies Today guitarist Mike Hatalak will again produce, having served in the same capacity on 2004's 'For Whom the Gods Would Destroy.'

"The EP will include three tracks, one re-recorded version of an old or unreleased track and a cover," Jeffers hinted to Noisecreep about the EP's contents. Once the recording is finished, Herod will hit the road again and start playing shows. Jeffers revealed that the band took a break because, "after the last record, we were all a little burnt out." Jeffers, whose roots are firmly planted in the HxCx scene, started a hardcore band called Face the Panic and guitarist Greg DiPasquale joined Sons of Azrael, while the other members toyed around with studio projects, like The Red Badge. "Now we've had enough time away from Herod to give it another go," Jeffers said.

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