Hellmouth don't mask their intentions. They are not here to make things safe and comfortable for you. They hail from Detroit, which consistently ranks at the top of 'worst cities on Earth' lists compiled by news magazines. Bombs. Death. Unemployment. Corruption. It's all in a day's riffs for Hellmouth.

It's no wonder that the song 'Desperate & Violent' from 'Gravestone Skylines' is like a sonic warhead on a path of destruction. Noisecreep is pleased to exclusively premiere the song, which is a bile-soaked chunk of brutal that'll make you run for cover. The song doesn't promote any sort of hope, and its harsh realism is why it hits so close to home.

Listen to 'Desperate & Violent'

"'Desperate & Violent' is about how my generation of punks gave a s--- and most of us tried to change the world for the better," Hellmouth vocalist Jay Navarro told Noisecreep. "Veganism, Food Not Bombs, riding bikes instead of driving cars ... all this s--- just to watch this corporatacracy destroy the world and not give two s---s about anything but money. I give up. It's either class war or tear out my own eyes so you don't have to watch the world anymore."

'Gravestone Skylines' will be released by Paper + Plastick Records, an all-vinyl endeavor run by Less Than Jake drummer Vinnie Fiorello.

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