Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk are going to celebrate the upcoming release of their self-titled album by doing what the band does best, hitting the road and making the curious become the faithful. The album to be released properly on Jan. 26, known as 'The Bob Weston Sessions' in the furry bootleg version, was originally to be the band's 1993 debut album, but is now only seeing its proper release.

Last summer the band had a limited vinyl printing of the album, but the devotion fans show for an album of songs that have all been re-recorded on other albums caused the vinyl version to move at a pace that even the members of Harvey Milk are confounded by. "It's really shocking people even care," bassist Stephen Tanner told Noisecreep. "We got copies of the record when we were in Indiana," he recalled of those near 300 LPs. "And we went to Chicago the next day, and after that we were like 'we can't sell these anymore.' We would just allow 5 to 10 records a town because we wanted to be nice." But still fans bought them up in a fury. And though those wax versions are long gone, the band will at least have the CD version this time around.

Joining the Athens, Ga. noisy blues trio on this East Coast and Canada tour will be Coalesce and the Atlas Moth. Only a few years ago this tour would seem out of place, but with Coalesce's adapting of Americana influence into their technical hardcore on their 2009 releases 'OX' and 'OX EP' this tour makes sense, as well as this is a chance to see two of the most unique and shaking voices, Creston Spiers of Harvey Milk and Sean Ingram of Coalese, yell it out in the same room.

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