Pittsburgh metallers Hero Destroyed have been trying to track their forthcoming LP, 'Throes,' since late January, but Mother Nature's been screwing everything up. You see, in recent weeks, the entire Northeast has been bombarded by blizzards, and the lads in Hero Destroyed have been snowed in, stuck at home, unable to get to the studio. And that sucks, because, well ... Hero Destroyed aren't Linkin Park. They don't have a year to kill making a record so, if they lose a day in the studio, that means they've got to work twice as hard the next day to make up the difference.

"We got about 30 inches [of snow] guitarist Zach Moore tells Noisecreep. "Our lead singer was unable to leave his house for, like, four days. He didn't have power for two of those days. So, the recording process has been ... slow going. We've had to cancel some sessions and reschedule stuff simply because people have had problems getting out of their houses and getting around. So we've been held up a bit, but we're still looking to get back into the studio in the next few days. I don't think the release will be affected by it at all. We're just going to double our efforts and try to get some more stuff done in the next few weeks. We're hoping to have it done by end of February."

Relapse will issue 'Throes' sometime this summer Moore says, but first the snow needs to lighten up so they can get back to the studio. The band is self-producing the effort with engineer Dave Watson and planning on recording 11 tracks.

"We're all really happy with the songs we have," Moore enthuses. "It took us a good period of time to write them because we did have a drummer transition there, but we're all really excited about these songs. We just want people to hear what we're all about, and we have a bunch of new songs we've written and we just want people to give it a chance and hopefully, they'll like it."

Hero Destroyed, who'll be playing their hometown with Coalesce next month, have no touring plans beyond June and hope to hop on a bunch of tours this summer so they can promote the hell out of 'Throes.' Moore says they're still considering some offers but would love to do Ozzfest. "Anything that doesn't involve 30 inches of snow," Moore jokes. But they'd fit in fine at Ozzfest. They did when they played with Behemoth a month back.

"That was definitely a weird lineup for us," Moore says. "It was fun, but we don't play black metal. A lot of people came up to us afterward and were like, 'You guys were great. Why were you playing this show?' One person told us we were too smart to play that show."

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