Genre tags have no place in the world of Goes Cube. The Brooklyn-based power trio's riff-heavy, brash and unforgiving, material appeals to everyone from forward-thinking metalheads to snobby hipsters, but good luck trying to find a category to file them under. Stereogum came closest when they cited the band's "sledgehammer assault."

Goes Cube's debut album, 2009's 'Another Day Has Passed,' wowed critics in the States and Europe and even earned the group a spot on Decibel Magazine's list of the 40 best albums of 2009. After releasing an acclaimed EP in 2010 and touring with everyone from Helmet to East of the Wall, Goes Cube has returned with 'In Tides and Drifts,' their dazzling sophomore album. Noisecreep is proud to present the world premiere of the video for 'Thunderheads,' one of the record's more metal influenced tracks.

Watch 'Thunderheads' from Goes Cube

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"'Thunderheads' is a somewhat simple, raw, fast paced video," says guitarist-vocalist David Obuchowski. "The footage of us practicing was taken from actual pre-tour rehearsals. The weather footage is all public domain, archival film shots that we thought, to put it simply, looked cool. Sara Kinney, a friend and filmmaker, and our drummer [Kenny Appell] edited the footage together.

"Our inspiration was the old videos we all loved when we were growing up: They were simple, you got to see the band playing their instruments, and they gave you a glimpse of what it might be like to be in a room with them."

'In Tides and Drifts' is out now via The End Records.

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