While Karl Buechner's 'other' band Earth Crisis was touring Europe, his other band, Freya, named after a Norse goddess, were in tracking guitars and drums. "I've been focused on music for five years, working on my label and balancing out things between Path of Resistance, Earth Crisis and Freya," Buechner told Noisecreep. "One is active while the other is composing. I came back to Freya and did my vocals. It can be done, and I am living proof."

The juggling act proved easy for Freya, which wrote the new album -- 'All Hail the End,' due out in January via Victory Records -- over the last year and a half at their practice space, where everyone contributed equally.

"It's 13 new songs that were recorded in Syracuse," Buechner said. "We had been in the studio for almost two months, since we did pre-production, and the artwork is done by our guitarist Brendan, who graduated from Philadelphia Institute of Art. The theme of the album is about how different cultures and religions [view] of the end of the world." Buechner also said that the music is darker and more complex than 'Lift the Curse.'

Expanding on the unifying lyrical theme, he said, "By the end of the world, what I mean specifically, is the fall of different civilizations. If you look at people living on Easter Island and how their society imploded, one of the theories is that there were so many people living on those islands that people ended up breaking into different factions, fighting over resources and food. And we draw a parallel between then and our current civilization. I touched on this in songs [over the years] and thought it would be a great concept."