Earth Crisis have built their reputation on their message, which promotes veganism, animal rights, and the straightedge (no drugs, no drinking) philosophy. Guitarist Scott Crouse recently told Noisecreep about his favorite new message-oriented bands and activism resources. He also revealed that he is working with Fall Out Boy drummer Andy Hurley on a new project.

"[The band] Kingdom is great," Crouse said. "Also, the bands Current and Ghost Ship from Syracuse, New York are awesome too. I have a vegan straightedge band in the works with Andy Hurley that should make an appearance sometime this year as well."

Crouse points those interested in pursuing a vegan and meat-free lifestyle in the direction of "It covers a lot of the questions and concerns a new vegan or vegetarian might have," Crouse said. As for how to learn more about the straightedge movement, Crouse has a more simple piece of advice. "Just look out your front door and that should be motivation enough," he said.

'Nuff said. Earth Crisis' latest, 'Neutralize the Threat,' is out July 12th via Century Media.

Watch the video for 'Killing Brain Cells'

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