On their breakdowns-and-politics-filled new album 'Neutralize the Threat,' staunch animal rights activists Earth Crisis also shine the spotlight on other political causes and radical rabble-rousers. "The concept for the album is to catalog a few lesser-known vigilante groups and actions from around the globe," guitarist Scott Crouse recently told Noisecreep.

"Some of the groups that inspired the lyrics are The Black Panthers, Bernard Goetz, Los Pepes, RAAD in Ireland, and the ALF," Crouse continued. "The concept came about when we were talking about how serial killers, gangs, and gang members are often talked about in movies and the media, but groups like these are almost never brought up."

"I feel like kids today are so apathetic, so about 'the single' and the instant payoff that they don't indulge and submerge in music, liner notes, and lyrics and passed out show fliers anymore," he said. "The 'scene' has gone from an underground climate for social change to a mini-mainstream music scene. Bands are playing it safe lyrically so as not to alienate potential fans, therefore the entire scene has been watered down. What most bands fail to realize is that any band that has stood the test of time has done so because of their bold opinions and uncompromising attitudes."

Earth Crisis were born of the band members' youthful desires to enact real change and channel their politically-charged anger into something positive, and Crouse has certainly not grown out of his desire to be an instrument of social and political change. "Unfortunately, I do still have a lot of that anger," he said. "I think the difference now is that I'm trying to mellow out. When I was younger, I was more of a Sith Lord. Now, I'm trying real hard to be a Jedi!"

'Neutralize the Threat' is due out this summer via Century Media.

Watch the video for 'Killing Brain Cells'

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