What if all it took to add some of Marty Friedman's incredible chops to your music was a simple point and click? The former Megadeth guitarist's new 'Exotic Guitar' loop library is designed for that specific purpose. Each of the library's 65 loops were personally developed and recorded by Friedman, and offer you the chance to infuse his diverse skills and mind-blowing fretwork into your music at an affordable price.

Friedman's 'Exotic Guitar' collection includes 65 loops in a variety of styles, featuring searing high-gain lead work, clean interludes and melodies with Far and Middle East influences as well as aggressive metal and rock rhythms. DJ's, producers and guitarists alike are invited to use the library in whatever projects they see fit. The library is available to anyone for $24.99 at LoopArtists.com in both MP3 and WAV formats.

The library contains 20 "construction" guitar loops, 11 overdriven rhythm guitar loops, 10 clean guitar loops, and a whopping 24 lead guitar loops that can be used in a variety of ways, as demonstrated by the shred-guitar-meets-dubstep demo video above. Each loop was recorded at 140 bpm. For more information and to purchase the library, head over to its official page on the LoopArtists.com website.