Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine made several headlines this year for seemingly odd topics, but was it all leading to this? The Megadeth frontman has taped a new 'Funny or Die' video that both serves as promotion for the band's 'Super Collider' album and draws upon at least two of his headline-making stories from earlier this year.

The clip is a spoof of the Men's Wearhouse spots. Earlier in the year, fans may remember Mustaine going on a rant against the company after failing to get a gift certificate delivered in a timely fashion. He later received a public apology about the incident. Still, the online rant made headlines and even graced Anderson Cooper's CNN program.

In this clip, Mustaine is the featured spokesman, detailing the story of Keith, who not only is freaked out about what to wear but also needs a metal album to psych him up for his big interview. A trip to the record store uncovers Megadeth's 'Super Collider' album. As Mustaine narrates, "This is the Megadeth that guys like Keith know and love. Once Keith heard 'Super Collider,' he kicked ass."

The other tie-in to a past headline-making story is the guest spot by sax man Kenny G. The clip finds the two contentiously baiting each other, but in real life Mustaine has admitted that he thinks Kenny G. "shreds" and he shared his experience being introduced by Kenny G. at one of the musician's concerts earlier this year.

If you want to see the laughable spot, which also includes the line "It hits the Kenny G spot ... in your tastebuds," check out the video below.

Watch Dave Mustaine's 'Funny or Die' Spoof

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