For Today drummer David Morrisson has some strong words for Satanic bands; "I think a lot of people that do it are tools."

It's not that he's personally offended (David and the rest of the band are Christians); it's more of a sincerity thing. "I'll say it and you can quote me: most people are just fake about it. They'll just know it will sell records. It sells records to put 666 on stuff, to be controversial. Just like how anarchy punk signs are cool. They are still cool to some people."

Surprisingly, as an openly religious band, For Today hasn't faced much social opposition in a scene where religion is generally thought of as useless or even dangerous. "We were on tour with Catalepsy, and both of their album artwork has upside-down crosses, but at the same time they're not rude to us about it. We don't really get too much flak from bands."

The thought of bands having a strong effect in their fans' beliefs or actions might be an antiquated notion, but Morrisson and the rest of the band take precautions to make sure they are decent role models. "The bands don't really know what they're doing to all these kids. You're so influential once you step on that stage, or sign to a label and claim to be this band and what you believe in. Then kids start to think it's cool to be Satanic and get 666 tattoos."

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