Since 2008's 'Definitions' was released, Farewell to Freeway have been worth keeping tabs on. The Ontario foursome -- recently down a member with the departure of keyboardist Michele Walter -- clocked in road time with the likes of Emmure, Dillinger Escape Plan and Before There Was Rosalyn.

On this first peak at the band's forthcoming album, 'Filthy Habits,' things get taken down to a dirtier level for 'Liquor? I Don't Even Know 'Er.'

Listen to 'Liquor? I Don't Even Know 'Er'

"It's kind of a departure musically from previous songs we have written -- edgier and more raw, but still holds the core style that has always been Farewell to Freeway," frontman Adam Lambert told Noisecreep. "Every song on 'Filthy Habits' shares the same feeling, while still standing out on their own."

For 'Filthy Habits,' the band returned to 'Definitions' producer Eric Arena (A Day to Remember) with a clear goal for the album. "We wanted to make a steady, grooving record that we and other people could bang their heads to. We all draw influence from different events or music, but wanted to write a much more focused record musically."

The band recently took to Twitter, asking fans to reveal their own filthy habits. So in keeping with that spirit, we asked Lambert what his band's habits are. He admitted one member has a predilection to peeing in the shower, and the entire band shares habits surrounding Jack Daniels and PBR, though "not in the same glass of course, although that would be filthy."

Lambert continued, elucidating his more mundane problems. "I bite my nails and will frequently have my finger in my nose. Old habits die hard, especially filthy habits."

'Filthy Habits' hits stores Jan. 18, but you can pre-order a CD and T-shirt package right now.