BrooklynVegan and 1,000 Knives put on an all ages matinee show for New York City's metal punks on Aug. 7. The Cake Shop is located in an area where rent is ever-increasing, so it is a miracle that the small venue (former record store) can survive. This is especially true with the rowdy lineup that played during the afternoon: Atakke, Defeatist, Magrudergrind and F--- the Facts.

"Is this a punk show? I thought it was a metal show," Atakke frontwoman Chloe Puke said to the crowd. Evidently, someone in the band was out of tune. While New York City is flooded with heavy bands, any show that includes Atakke billed at the front is a good one -- even if someone played a song out of tune. When you add Defeatist to the mix, the show becomes a great one. The trio are veterans of grind -- not because of age but because frontman Aaron Nichols is ruthless with words. A fan yelled "faster," he said "older." A fan yelled "heavier," he says "fatter."

Justina Villanueva
Justina Villanueva

"We'd like to thank [BrooklynVegan] and [1,000 Knives]. Not for this show, but for booking Keelhaul for two days in a row," Nichols said.

Magrudergrind don't have much to say outside of their 60-second-long songs. The intensity and brevity of their tracks stay true to their set. In a 16 minute fix, a hurricane of grind erupted. Frontman Avi evolved into a screaming batman. He didn't need to fly because his presence was that robust. At a Magrudergrind show, it doesn't matter what age you are, you can't help but to let the grind gods possess you.

Canadian grinders and split masters (the band has been on well over 30 split releases with bands from all over the world) F--- the Facts have a whole other vibe. The breakdowns and Napalm Death blasts are only awarded in between rocking parts and epic soundscapes. There are only so many other grind bands that have as diverse and unique a sound as F--- the Facts. But don't worry, frontwoman Mel Mongeon still won't sing clean -- even if she's going to be a mommy soon.

"You guys have Jesus everywhere," Mongeon said during a technical difficulty intermission. Apparently there isn't as much Jesus memorabilia in Canada as there is in the States.

"No one f---s with Jesus. I just stole that from someone in the back," bassist Marc Bourgon admitted. By 10 PM, everyone was homebound to meet curfews or to head to the next show.

F--- the Facts recently self-released the 'Unnamed' EP and a DVD for 'Discorge Mexico.' All merchandise is available at the band's e-store. The band will play two early shows as part of Scion's Metal Matinee series on Aug. 14 and 15 in Columbus, Ohio and West Hollywood, Calif. respectively.

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