Hell hath no fury like bandmates scorned. Former Hollywood Undead singer Deuce (born Aron Erlichman) claims that his former compadres beat the shit out of him on May 25.

Deuce, who quit the band to launch a solo career, performed at Angels & Kings in Hollywood. When he left the club, his ex-bandmates were "lying in wait." They jumped him, punching and kicking him. A friend if Deuce was injured when trying to assist. Deuce claims FunnyMan (aka Dylan Alvarez) and J-Dog (Jorel Decker) were the main culprits in the attack. He also insists it was videotaped, which indicates premeditation. He plans to sue. [TMZ]

Testament guitarist Eric Peterson had a total fanboy moment with Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi and bassist Geezer Butler. Peterson revealed that he smoked pot with the metal legends. While on tour with Sabbath in the U.K. years ago, Peterson enjoyed a little "sweet leaf" with Iommi and bassist Geezer Butler. "On the first night, we walked around backstage and bumped into Geezer and Tony," he said. "They shared a joint with us! I was literally shaking... I couldn't believe I was about to smoke the same 'sweet leaf' as Tony Iommi. I think I dropped it, got on my knees and told them I wasn't worthy!" Toking up with Tony and Geezer has to be pretty high on any metal fan's bucket list. [Metal Hammer]

Watch Testament's "Low" Video

The early '90s black metal crisis was fraught with danger and high drama, as lots of musicians did nefarious things, like burning down ancient churches and, you know, killing each other. Now, Marduk's Morgan 'Evil' Steinmeyer Håkansson has confirmed that he does indeed possess a portion of the skull, bullet fragments and brain matter of Dead, the former singer of Mayhem who shot himself in 1991. He got it from the late Euronymous, who was rumored to have consumed pieces of the brain in a stew. That rumor was disputed, but it is largely believed that Euronymous did indeed keep pieces of the skull. [Loudwire]

Five Finger Death Punch are doing their part to raise awareness for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. They will donate a portion from every ticket sold for the Trespass tour to the cause. They also filmed suicide prevention PSA. It's 30 seconds in length, where the band urges those in danger of hurting themselves to reach out for help, because it's always available. [Via FFD Press Release] [YouTube]

Good news is coming from At the Drive-In. The extent of the news and the details are TBD right now. The band shared a cryptic tweet, encouraging fans to be on the lookout for some exciting news. Perhaps they will announce more shows? That's wishful thinking on our part. The band tweeted: "Hello to all our @AtTheDriveIn friends. We have some exciting news coming up in June ... Stand by for transmissions." We await the transmissions. Over and out. [At the Drive-In Twitter]

Throw the Fight will release their debut album What Doesn't Kill Us via BulletTooth on June 26, but you can enjoy a taste of the album via a sampler. Take a listen, try before you buy. [Soundcloud]

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