British neo-thrash warriors Evile have revealed 'Five Serpents Teeth' as the title of their new album, which they just finished recording at Parlour Studios in Kettering, UK.

Vocalist Matt Drake has released a YouTube video discussing the album's concept. "I don't want to give away too much about the themes or concept, or the ins and outs," he said. "I have a problem with most releases, where you are given everything all at once, titles, artwork and meanings, straightaway."

He did offer a little elucidation, specifically about one song's relationship to the band's late bassist Mike Alexander. "We've written an actual song, I don't want to call it a ballad, but it's a ballad. It divides the group, as well. It's about Mike. We lost our bass player in 2009 and it's based on Mike for me, but to me, just me, since I am doing this personally, not Evile.

"It's not for Mike. To me, the fast crazy heavy stuff is Mike. It's a song for Mike to all the band. He was a secret cheesemaster at heart; he liked a ballad stuff. To all the band, it's for Mike and fans might have the same divide, thinking it's for Mike or inspired by what happened. There is a meaning to the song, something I wanted to say. It's a message we wanted to give it, but we couldn't put it across in a ridiculously fast metal song. We've written a proper song for him using riffs that we played around with for years."

'Five Serpents Teeth' will clamp down on August 29th via Earache.

Watch videos of Evile recording the new album

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