U.K. thrashers Evile have just released a music video for the new song "Gore," featuring comedian Brian Posehn. The track is the second single to be released off Hell Unleashed, their first new album since 2013's Skull.

Posehn, beloved comedian and voice actor provides some gruff backing vocals on this fiery new track, which showcases Evile's penchant for remarkably fast, speed-picked thrash passages with shades of death metal lying underneath for palpable brutality, especially on a track with a title such as "Gore."

"Here it is! The second new Evile single from the upcoming album Hell Unleashed. This is a song about a topic that no other metal band has ever covered before; a serial killer," joked vocalist and guitarist Ol Drake.

"This song harkens back more to the first Evile album; it could easily be a track from our beginnings," he continued, noting, "It's heavy, it's fast, it has some great changes, and it will punch you in the face sonically. The overall message of this song/video is that these horrible individuals are hidden in plain sight. They could be our friends, family, or colleagues."

"We're also excited to welcome back the extremely hilarious and extremely metal comedian Brian Posehn," said Ol Drake in reference to 2011's Five Serpent's Teeth where Posehn guested on the song "Cult."

"He was kind enough to provide us with some backing vocals in the chorus. Luckily, we only needed the one-word shouting, so we got a great collection of Posehn ‘Gore’s to sift through," added Ol Drake. "Thank you, Brian! Turn it up LOUD, and enjoy ‘Gore’!"

Listen to "Gore" at the bottom of the page and read the lyrics directly below. Look for Hell Unleashed to be out April 30 on Napalm Records and pre-order your copy here.

Evile, "Gore" Lyrics

Try to touch the past, it's not real it's just a dream
Blurred lines between reality and what I've seen
Camouflaged into the grey utopian norm
Intrude my thoughts, anarchy imposed before

I am the war most people fight in their minds
I am the cancer creeping down your spine

Tethered to violence
Anchored to gore

Back and forth between what's right and what I need
Absorbed in watching my work bleed
I confess, I need to rip and tear to please
Chained to the obsession, my disease

I am the war most people fight in their minds
I am the cancer creeping down your spine

Tethered to violence
Anchored to gore
Internal war
Anchored to gore

Lure the prey with trust

Alleviate the lust

The blinding red
Is all I can see
Hell's creation
In safe sanctuary

Anchored to gore

Evile, "Gore" (feat. Brian Posehn) Music Video

Evile, Hell Unleashed Album Art + Track Listing

Evile, 'Hell Unleashed'
Napalm Records

1. "Paralysed"
2. "Gore" feat. Brian Posehn
3. "Incarcerated"
4. "War of Attrition"
5. "Disorder"
6. "The Thing (1982)"
7. "Zombie Apocalypse" (Mortician Cover)
8. "Control from Above"
9. "Hell Unleashed"



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