American comedy and British thrash metal are on a collision course! Comedian Brian Posehn, a self-proclaimed metal fan, has lent his voice to Evile's forthcoming and currently untitled new album. Posehn, who has hosted the Revolver Golden Gods Awards in years past, is taking his love of metal one step further with this gig.

"I'm very excited that my yelling will be featured on the next Evile disc; they're one of my favorite new-ish bands and, in my not-so-humble opinion, the British saviors of thrash metal," Posehn said in a statement.

Lead guitarist Ol Drake commented on the album's completion, saying, "We made it. Evile's third album is mixed and completed. No one got in any fights, no one shouted the word 'F---' into anyone's face, and it's sounding great."

The album also features material inspired by the late bassist Mike Alexander, who passed away unexpectedly in 2009 after suffering a pulmonary embolism, mere weeks after visiting the Noisecreep office for a 'Creep Show' interview.

"We've done a slow, cleaner, and more eerie track," Drake said. "The song's initial intention was for Mike [and] because of the loss of Mike. We all have our individual thoughts on the track; in my eyes the track is for Mike, and for anyone who has lost anyone close or special to them in their life. If people don't like the track or don't understand its sentiment [or] meaning, I really couldn't care less. It was conceived for us and Mike alone."

R.I.P., Mike Alexander. You are missed. We are honored to have had you in our studio.

Drake also extended a heartfelt thanks to Evile fans who've stuck by the band, saying, "I just want to thank all fans of Evile, old and new, for the continuing support and for following our progress on album three. With what we've been through over the past two years, we've literally poured our heart and soul into this material for the past year or two, and worked our arses off for the past five weeks getting the album sounding the best it can for us and for you...This one's for you, Mike."

Check out the video below, which features a sneak preview of Evile's new record.

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