Back in 2009, Eric Ellis told Noisecreep a harrowing story about the night he was beaten with a hammer and bat as part of a gang initiation in Milwaukee. Ironically, the former Bury Your Dead guitarist is now on trial in Florida for his role in a Jacksonville gang, reports.

Alongside Maynard Godwin, the alleged ringleader of the gang, the 27-year-old rocker stands accused of a string of violent crimes that mostly took place in 2009. According to the Florida Times-Union, Ellis ran with a pack of "violent robbers and drug dealers" who carried out home invasions, bank robberies and beatings.

Although Ellis played in a metalcore band, television, not heavy music, might have been the motivating factor for the crimes. As per the Times-Union Godwin, Ellis evidently came up with the idea to form a gang while watching the TV series Sons of Anarchy. The trial, which comes after four individuals have already pleaded guilty to related charges, began last Thursday and will likely span four months.

If, indeed, Ellis was running amok back in 2009, it contradicts what he told us about his zen-like state.

"I've been positive since the first hammer blow to the back of my head," he told us in 2009. "It's like the event put me in a parallel to my old life. I loved touring, but fell in love with production and the event helped me to see that. I just want young bands to remember that they need to enjoy being in a band. Anytime at all is all the time in the world when you are in a band."

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