Earlier this week, Noisecreep premiered 'Bluebeard,' a new track from Bury Your Dead's forthcoming 'Mosh N' Roll' album. BYD have endured a break up and revolving door membership through the years, which has seen a string of singers walk in and out of both the recording booth door and tour bus door; longtime singer Mat Bruso has returned to the fold for the new album. The band remains undeterred by that cold, hard fact of metal band life. Their music is more brutal because of it!

"I am the last man standing out of all the original members," guitarist Brendan "Slim" MacDonald told Noisecreep. "What keeps me going is just out of the willingness to not want to quit. I hate quitters; I never understood what part of touring the world with your best friends wasn't an ideal lifestyle. But hey, that's just me."

That ideal lifestyle will make up BYD's summer itinerary. Slim continued, "We are going to be touring all summer during Mat's school vacation. In the Sates, we will headline the Over the Limit tour with Evergreen Terrace and For the Fallen Dreams, so I'm looking forward to that. I am just looking forward to getting back on the road in general."

Life on the road isn't always about hanging with your BFFs. While Slim acknowledged he could tell us a host of stories that would land him some jail time, he did reveal a particularly terrifying incident from the band's road warrior days. "One time we flipped our van six times into a ditch in Canada and I f---d my leg off pretty good," he revealed. "So everyone gets out of the van other than me and starts to assess the situation. Myke, our singer at the time, comes over to the side of the van I ended up on and says 'F--- DUDE STAY RIGHT THERE.' At the point I knew it was pretty bad. He ran around frantically looking for sticks to make a splint and put me back together. That most definitely was a "had to be there situation!"

But Slim and Bury Your Dead survived to mosh another day!

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