Bury Your Dead vocalist Myke Terry was ousted from the band last month, a move that came as a total shock to the singer and to many of the band's fans.

"It was definitely a surprise," Terry told Noisecreep. "I had begun writing, and all the pre-production was done. We had planned for me to come up there, but the label had their hands in it, flipped things around and when we were looking up tickets for me to fly up there, they said they were going to hire [former vocalist Mat Bruso] to do the record."

He continued, "I was like, 'Alright, sounds good.' But it was definitely a shock." Terry said that he isn't in regular contact with his former bandmates, admitting that "I talk to some of them, yeah; some of them, no. They are busy doing their own thing."

Terry does seem to attribute his ouster from the band as a label-dictated move. "The situation would have been a lot easier if other people didn't put their hands in it," Terry said regarding Mediaskare, BYD's new label home. "We did well as a band and did things on our own terms. Now, all of the sudden, things change hands, new people steer the ship and it all goes to crap after that."

But Terry isn't resting on his laurels or wasting time being bitter. He has already moved on and is pursuing his post-BYD career. "I've got 20 or 30 songs and I am putting a band together," Terry said. "We played shows in my hometown in Virginia. We'll see what happens. Touring is something I enjoy doing. Now that I am no longer in BYD, I can pursue this full-time.

"I like heavy music, but I wanted to try and see what I could do." He calls what he is doing "rock music that is accessible to anyone -- more so than BYD, since there is not any screaming at all. I want to reach more people."

There is no name yet for the new project, but Terry continues to develop his atmospheric, somewhat left of center brand of rock 'n' roll. He is talking to labels and is eyeing a summer release date and tour, which you can keep up to date about by going here.

Terry said that the response to his new song 'The Rains' has been "insane," even from BYD fans that didn't fully appreciate him during his tenure. "A lot of older kids who are into the heavier discs have reached out to me and emailed and left me messages after they downloaded song," Terry revealed. "They even said, 'I didn't care for you on the last two BYD albums, but this is awesome.' I get it. The old school Bury Your Dead fans want to hear old school Bury Your Dead." Now it's time for Myke Terry to do his own thing.

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