Emery has just premiered their video for 'Scissors.' The track comes off of the band's fifth studio album, 'We Do What We Want,' and features the dynamic push-and-pull guitar riffs and explosive vocal lines we've come to expect from the S.C. rockers. Released back in March, the record has garnered rave reviews on both alt-rock and metal outlets. Noisecreep spoke with Emery vocalist Toby Morrell to get the skinny on 'Scissors' and its video.

What inspired you to write 'Scissors?'

This song actually started out as a song about betrayal but half way through the recording process, it just didn't feel right. It didn't lyrically fit. So I played around with some of the lines and started an entirely different idea. This song is now about a person finding out they are dying and how that impacts the faith they have claimed for their entire life. It's about testing your beliefs and the doubts vs. trust in your faith when things are at their worst. Do you really believe what you say you do?

Watch 'Scissors' from Emery

Who directed the video and what was the shooting day like?

Van Blumreich. He is an awesome up-and-coming video director based in Seattle. We shot two videos in two days – one for 'The Cheval Glass' and one for 'Scissors.' It was kinda long and tiring but also efficient to have to videos shot in that time frame.

At this point in your career, do you still get excited about making videos? We know they could be tedious.

It's always exciting but I have to admit sometimes you feel pretty cheesy doing the same cool rocker moves over and over to a recorded track. But at least we know now that we could all be soap opera stars.