Emery Take a Heavy and Dark Direction on ‘We Do What We Want’
For over a decade, Emery have straddled the worlds of aggressive rock and post hardcore, mixing reckless riffs with melodic pop hooks. When the South Carolina outfit saw their screamer Devin Shelton leave the band for the stability of family life, it seemed like the band was going to have to step away from the heavier aspects of their sound...
Underoath In Van Accident, Cancel Omaha Gig
Christian metalcore act Underoath were forced to cancel a gig Dec. 8 in Omaha, Neb. after the band's van, carrying all of its gear, was totaled en route to the Gateway to the West. Fortunately, the band was traveling in a bus and not in the van at the time, but their driver did sustain minor injuries...
White Noise: News on Alice In Chains, Poison The Well, Municipal Waste, Dethklok and More
Illegal downloading has hobbled the music industry over the last decade, and try as they might, labels and musicians have been unable to quell online leaks and file sharing. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? Late last night, the publicists for Smashing Pumpkins issued a press release announcing that Billy Corgan, the band's sole remaining founding member, would be releasing a new album call