On March 29th, Emery will release 'We Do What We Want,' the post-hardcore heroes' fifth studio album. The twelve song collection brims with the kind of high-quality songwriting that we've come to expect from the wildly popular South Carolina outfit. Now, the band needs your help.

Emery have cut one of their new songs, "Scissors," into seven pieces. Noisecreep has teamed up with the band to present today's clip. For seven consecutive days, Emery will reveal a clue and a new location for each part of the song on their Facebook page. Now, it's up to you to find the other pieces of the song and put the rest of 'Scissors' together.

Listen to a snippet of 'Scissor'

'We Do What We Want' was produced by Emery guitarist Matt Carter and mixed by Jason Suecof, who is known for his work with groups like Trivium and All That Remains. "I think this is our most personal, spiritual album," said vocalist Toby Morell. "It talks about our faith and God, but it never gets too preachy because it's basically talking about me and things I've gone through. I can't not tell the truth of who I am, and this time I explored that even further. Just [writing about] points in my life, or in the other guys' lives."

'We Do What We Want' will be in stores and online on March 29th via Tooth & Nail/Solid State Records.