Doro's 'Fear No Evil' tour only made a couple stops in the States before embarking on a journey to the other side of the world in Japan. One of those dates, Manchester, N.H., was canceled due to a family emergency, making her Oct. 2 visit to Springfield, Va. at Jaxx much more special.

"Are you guys ready to sing 'Burning the Witches'?" Doro asked the crowd. Most of the audience wasn't aware that Doro was already on stage when the petite German woman started singing. Yet it didn't take long for her to plunge into her fans with a mic and giant smile. Despite her size, her presence is mammoth-sized -- in a delightful way, of course -- making that mic in your face very commanding. In other words, you better sing and not disappoint the metal legend.

Justina Villanueva

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you," she said many times throughout her set. She, just as often, asked the audience if they were having fun. Her songs are all so much fun. The whole experience is inevitably fun. "OK guys, I think its time for some headbanging. Let me see you bang your heads for 'Metal Racer'!"

Doro took some time to talk about how nice it was to tour and play shows with Dio before playing 'Egypt,' which was on Dio's 1984 album 'The Last in Line.'

In another appreciative moment of the band's performance, Doro thanked Judas Priest for taking her on tour in 1986 and played another cover. Their version of 'Breaking the Law' started as a ballad, with Doro slowly and heavily singing.

Even though there was a set list, the band didn't follow it in order. What was listed as an encore song was played mid-set. Classic songs like 'Hellbound' and 'Night of the Warlock' were well-received, but the highlight of the night was 'All We Are.' The entire room was singing, clapping and headbanging.

If you're craving the Doro experience, Nuclear Blast will be releasing a double DVD/CD set from Doro's '25 Years in Rock' performance in early 2011.