All Pens BlazingEverything is digital in 2010, even books! Rock 'n' roll writer Neil Daniels is even offering his new book, 'All Pens Blazing,' via POD. No, we're not talking about the band, either. 'POD' stands for 'publishing on demand,' and it's an economical way to publish as it is completely emblematic of supply and demand laws.

"'All Pens Blazing' is my first print-on-demand book," Daniels told Noisecreep. "POD is a great way to have the smaller, less commercial book ideas come into fruition. The bigger publishers may shun your ideas, so why not publish them yourself? Both my POD books -- the other being a second anthology called 'Rock 'n' Roll Mercenaries' -- were published via a UK company called AuthorsOnline. Volume II of 'All Pens Blazing' will be published mid 2010."

In the Internet age, POD is an undoubtedly smart and effective business model.

'All Pens Blazing' is a comprehensive collection of interviews that Daniels conducted with 65 writers in the heavy metal and hard rock genre, many of which are successful biographers, authors, editors and freelancers who have hopped rides on tour buses, shared beers with their idols, got the inside scoop on crucial albums, hung out backstage at some of the biggest and best gigs in history and survive to tell their tales! The book boasts wild stories, anecdotes and advice for those who want in on the lifestyle and the career of writing about rock.

'APB' also offers a potted history of the genre and the publications that chronicle it. It looks at still-standing bibles like Kerrang! and Metal Hammer to long-lost zines like Metal Forces, Rip and Raw.

It's required reading and a valuable reference tool for those who want a crash course in heavy metal journalism, as well as being a historical document for those who lived it.

Volume II is due out this summer. Additionally, 'Rock 'n' Roll Mercenaries' is a compilation of interviews with icons like Dio, Nikki Sixx, Judas Priest and Doro, among others. It also includes up and comers like Nex and Work of Art.