DoroIn honor of her 25th anniversary and the fact that she has performed 2,500 shows -- 2,504 if you don't like round numbers -- German metal warrior Doro Pesch counted down the top fve shows/tours of her illustrious career to Noisecreep.

The Teutonic metal princess will release a DVD of the 25th anniversary show later this year. She told Noisecreep that her philosophy on shows is that "every concert, small or big, is like a highlight. I treat every show like it could be the last, whether I play in front of two or 20,000 people. I like the good energy of a crowd." Doro will tour the States this September and will hit Japan for the first time in her career this fall.

Monsters of Rock, 1986. "My first big show was the legendary 'Monsters of Rock' show in England in 1986 at Castle Donnington. We were so nervous and there were so many people, like 120,000 people, and we were going from being a club act to playing a big festival. It was awesome and went over so well. It gave us a chance."

Judas Priest, 1986. "We did a big tour in 1986 with Judas Priest. It was just big."

Ronnie James Dio, 1987. "We toured with Ronnie James Dio in Europe and that was awesome, and we did 2000 with him in America. I loved him so much and we got along so great and I cannot believe he is gone. It was like losing a best friend. He was an inspiration for me. We did a show together like seven months ago. It was a TV show in Germany called 'Rock Palace.' When we were on tour together, I would watch every show. He was so inspiring, so we are all super sad. It was a terrible loss to all the metal fans."

Dio, 2000. "There was so much excitement when we did a tour with Dio in 2000. That was such an awesome tour."

Wacken Festival in Germany, 1993. "I played in 1993 the first time, and then we played it every couple of years and we played last year. For me, to be able to witness that festival grow so big to where it is now was amazing."